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Government Solutions

Are you in need of analytical support?  IAI's expertise is in solving the most challenging of intelligence problems faced by intelligence consumers today.  Our analysts have decades of  world-wide multi-source analytical expertise to apply to your most difficult challenges.  

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Commercial Solutions

Are you a company looking to gain a foothold or grow your presence in the IC?  IAI is a recognized expert in the intelligence field. Our technical expertise has helped multiple companies win IDIQ Contracts and Task Orders, and we continue to help new clients and partners win work in the IC.  


Our Story

Intelligence Analysis, Inc. (IAI) in Alexandria, Virginia, has been providing tailored intelligence analysis support to the Department of Defense and government agencies since 2006, and our leadership has been actively involved in intelligence analysis since 1984.  We understand that the volume of information available can appear overwhelming and often contradictory, and we specialize in helping our customers bridge analytical gaps.  We can help overcome the problem of too much data, not enough data, unclear messages, conflicting information, confusing processes, and biased analytical conclusions. 

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Contact us if you are a government agency seeking effective solutions to your most difficult intelligence related issues, or a company looking to establish or expand your presence in the Intelligence Community