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What is Contextual Analysis?

Intelligence Analysis is an artform, not a science.  As analysts supporting customers since 1984, we understand what successful analysis means;  Putting the information into proper context.  Were is the information really coming from?  What is the real message?  Who is the audience?  What is the purpose of the information? 

Just as importantly is putting the analysis itself into context.  Proper analysis provides insight, guidance, and choices to decision makers.  It shold answer questions such as what will be the outcome if we choose course A?  What will be the likely result if we take a step in a certain direction?  How will we know if we're right?  And what wil happen if we are wrong? 

This is the basis for Contextual Analysis.  For too long we've relied on a system of analysis that provides a static picture of what happened, without allowing a discussion on what could be happening.  Bad analysis, based on predetermined expectations and unwillingness to accept information that doesn't jibe leads to bad decisions.  We would like to change that, and we are starting now.

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